Annual General Meeting - Friday 6th July 2018 at A Lacey's House, Sutton Coldfield

The Band's AGM took place at A. Lacey's House, Sutton Coldfield, on Friday 6th July 2018.

Apologies were received from S.Blamire, J. Campbell.

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 13th July 2017 were not available and therefore not considered or accepted as part of the Meeting.

After Chairman Shaun Elliott welcomed the attendees to the Meeting, he delivered his Report on the year July 2018 to date and praised the efforts of all the players and supporters of the Band, during what had been difficult times on many fronts, including players, conductors and rehearsal facilities - something that has mirrored difficulties experienced by the Band in previous times. The progress of the Band in so many ways had been superlative over the past year and all the players should take credit for this, however the loss of players during the middle/end part of the year was very disruptive and every effort should be made by everyone to fill the seats as quickly as possible. He outlined the oparational changes affecting the Band in a number of areas including rehearsals at Forest Arts Centre, the progress or lack of it in appointing a full time Musical Director and brought the Meeting up-to-date on other matters. He made the award of the ‘Bryan Shimwell Memorial Shield’ for 'Bandsman of the Year' to J.Dale and following a vote of members, the ‘Chairman’s Award’ for ‘Player of the Year’ was awarded to M.Faulkner.

The Treasurer gave his report on the finances of the Band and answered a number of questions - he stressed the need for continued vigilance of payments and alternative income streams. Considerable discussion took place regarding acquiring extra sources of income (other types of concerts - matinees, etc., 10-piece concerts, fund raising, generating constructive advertising and enhancing the Band’s media presence, plus others). He also outlined details of his discussions with Craig Williams regarding the vacant MD position within the Band, and, after a disussion a number of points were agreed and a plan of action prepared. Discussions took place regarding possible changes to the Band's rehearsal nights, with further discussions/information required before a final decision could be made. The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for all his hard work over the year.

The Election of Officers took place with the following results:-

President - M.Sly

Vice Presidents - Pat & Malcolm Lacey, K.Layland, M.Sly and Mrs G.Wright

Chairman - S.Elliott

Vice Chairman - A.Lacey

Secretary - tbc

Treasurer - A.Lacey

Librarians - J.Dale

Committee Members - L.Butler, P.Dale, J.Campbell, J.Dale, L.Oxley, I.Richards,

Trustees - M.Sly, R.Butler and M.Lacey

In Any Other Business, further constructive discussions took place regarding the future development of the Band, before the Meeting was closed at 9.45pm.

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