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Meal Schedule
Access to Personal/Hygiene Items
Medical Services
Laundry Services
Mail (Postal) Privileges and Services
Recreational Services
Personal Property
Cash Fund Accounts
Canteen Privileges
Work Assignments
Telephone Privileges
Housekeeping Rules and Regulations
Visitation Privileges
Legal Services
Religious Services
Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
Fire Plan
Grievance Forms
Processing Grievance Forms
Inmate Books
Phone Calls

Pender County Jail Inmate Rules

Contraband- Any unlawful or prohibited item(s) in your possession considered contraband; to include any item(s) that are not disposed according to jail rules. (Example: …old newspapers, food, condiments etc…)
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Indigent- Having a dollar or less every 6 days.
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Meal Schedule- Three meals per day will be provided. Special meals will be documented at intake and verified by medical.
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Access to Personal/Hygiene Items- Upon admission to the jail the following items will be provided: Personal Hygiene Packet, Jail Clothing, and Bedding. Additional items needed during your stay can be purchased; no items will be refused because of Indigent status.
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Medical Services- Medical services are provided Monday-Sunday, sick call form must be completed if possible.
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Laundry Services- Clothing and towels will be collected two times a week by jail officers. Refer to inmate services posted in front of cells for collection days.
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Mail (Postal) Privileges and Services- Incoming and outgoing mail will be delivered Monday-Saturday (NO HOLIDAYS)

  • All other inmate communication from other facilities must be requested in writing and only family members will be considered.
  • All outgoing and incoming mail must have a complete name and address. The address is:
  • Inmate Full Name
    Pender County Jail
    104 North Walker Street
    Burgaw, NC 28425
  • Only two (2) photos are allowed in your personal area at a time (No Polaroids). All extra photos will be refused; dress code enforced. (No size larger than 3x5 photo)
  • All mail is subject to searches except privilege mail, which is subject to searched in your presence only.
  • Large packages must be pre-approved.
  • No contraband accepted.

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Recreational Services- Each cell will be afforded the opportunity to participate in outside recreation three (3) times a week (weather permitting).
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Personal Property- All property will be inventoried and stored in the property room. The jail will not be responsible for property left over 30 days.
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Cash Fund Accounts- All cash deposits will be converted to a Debit Card or a Check. Upon your release your balance will be in a form of a debit card if you have $50.00 or less. A check will be issued if you have $50.01 or more.
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Canteen Privileges- Personal care and snack items may be purchased any day of the week up to Monday. All orders will be made through the inmate phone system. Hygiene items are available for purchase by indigent people; your account will be debited for the purchase amount.
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Work Assignments- Inmates meeting certain criterias may be selected to perform duties throughout the facility. At no time will this inmate be assigned a duty of supervising another inmate. Failure to perform assigned duties or violations of any jail rules will result in termination of duties.
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Telephone Privileges- All calls are collect. No incoming calls allowed.

  • All cells must be cleaned to include no writing or photos on walls before phones are turned on in cell area.
  • Calls are limited to 15 minutes.
  • Three (3) - way calling is prohibited.
  • Inmates are prohibited from using an inmate telephone to contact any Jail Staff.

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Housekeeping Rules and Regulations- All cells must be cleaned daily; a mop, bucket, and broom will be provided every morning. Additional cleaning solutions will be provided for showers and bathrooms.
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Visitation Privileges- Dress code is enforced during visitation. All visitors must be dressed appropriately. Visitation is on a first come basis. Each inmate is allowed fifteen (15) minutes.

  • Two (2) adult visitors are allowed per inmate
  • Children will be allowed to visit with an adult
  • Each visitor must have proper identification (State or Military ID)
  • Visitor must be on visitation list or they will not be allowed to visit.
  • Visitation slips will be given out on Thursday (to new detainees only).
  • Saturday
    • Juveniles 1:30pm - 2:00pm
    • Males (A-L) 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • Sunday
    • Females 1:30pm - 2:00pm
    • Males (M-Z) 2:00pm - 3:30pm

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Legal Services- sAll local attorney phone calls are free. Upon request law library will be scheduled for a visit.
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Religious Services- Clergy visitation is by appointment only. You must submit a written request for an appointment.
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Rules of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures- In order to provide a safe and secure environment, rules and regulations must be followed. The jail reserves the right to revoke privileges as necessary to maintain the safety and security of the facility.
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Fire Plan- If there is a fire or threat of a fire, you are to follow to the commands of the duty officer without any undo delays.
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Grievance Forms- May be obtained from the duty officer. All forms must contain your name, date, specific complaint, and must be signed and returned to the officer on duty. Grievances containing profanity or abusive language will not be accepted.

Processing Grievance Forms-

  • Forms must be submitted to officer on duty.
  • The Sergeant will respond within 10 business days.
  • (you may appeal the decision to the next level)
    • Captain
    • Major
    • Sheriff

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Inmate Books- All books must be paperback. You will be allowed to have three (3) books in your living area. Crossword puzzle books must be purchased from the Canteen. Books may be purchased from Amazon Publishing Company, The Jail Administrator or Sergeant has the right to prevent delivery of any violent or unsafe material.
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Light-out/Lock-Down- All cells must remain in the bunk area after lock down at 2300 hours. All televisions will be turned off at 2300 hours.
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Property- Inmates may possess the following items:

    County Issued Property
    • One Mattress
    • One Blanket
    • Two Sheets
    • One Bath Towel
    • One Washcloth
    • One Inmate Uniform
    • One Set of Footwear
    • Authorized Medication

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Phone Calls- You can find out more about Inmate Phone Information by following this link: Click Here
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Inmate Information | Pender County Sheriff's Office (2024)
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