How to Make Your Own Family Cookbook - The How-To Home (2024)

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When you think of some of your most wonderful memories what do they revolve around?

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For me, it's family....and food!

From the time I was little on, until the present, when I get together with family it seems there is always food and lots of celebrating.

Sadly, most of the family I grew up with has passed away...all of my grandparents, my mom, my dad, my brother, my brother-in-law, my sister-in-law...far too many of my loved ones.

So many times I've told my sons while we're eating a special meal or just a regular family dinner a recipe story.

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How the ham and bean soup I made with the hambone leftover from Christmas dinner was my favorite growing up and that my dad would make it while my mom went shopping downtown...she did that weekly (and it was much deserved).

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I would tell the story of the potato salad and how NOBODY's potato salad was as good as Grandma Gardner's.

I would tell the stories about Aunt Rose and how her cooking and baking was amazing and that when she would invite us to dinner, I would seriously almost eat nothing for the three or four days beforehand so that I could totally pig out at her house.

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Only one of my sons remembers any of my family. He remembers my Dad, Uncle Ed, Uncle Bob, and Aunt Rose.

My other sons either weren't born yet or were just too little to remember them.

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Now that my sons are older, my baby is 16, I worried that they may not remember the stories or the recipes and that's why I was so happy to put together a family cookbook.

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Instead of pictures of the recipes (which I have...some of them handwritten) I included pictures of the people who created the recipes and the love they shared through food.

I chose to do this through Create My Cookbook.

The site is so easy to use and the cookbook (or cookbooks!) you can create are absolutely beautiful. I'll be sharing my newest cookbook in a few weeks so be sure to come back to see it, but until then, I want to walk you through the process of creating your own family masterpiece!

How to Make a Family Cookbook

Where to Start

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First, gather the recipes you're going to include in your family cookbook.

For this cookbook I pulled out my recipe box. The box was given to me by my Dad when I was a teenager. I think he must have forgotten a birthday or special occasion (he worked SO MUCH) and so, he grabbed a file box from his office and gave it to me.

I took that file box and covered it with fabric and added a little house to the front and some ribbon. I had NO idea what I would use it for but as it turned out, it became the first holder for my family's recipes.

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Once you've gathered the recipes you'll be adding to your cookbook, you'll have a choice to make.

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You can either manually type in the recipes OR you can take a picture, upload the pic, and have it typed by Create My Cookbook. That's the option I went with!

With that option my recipes were ready to insert into my cookbook in less than one day...some within an hour of submitting them.

As far as manually adding a recipe, I only added one recipe via that methos. It was my sister's Halushki recipe and she sent it to me on FB so it wasn't one of my handwritten gems but gold, nonetheless.

Designing Your Family Cookbook - The Theme

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There are several theme options to start with and they are lovely, but there is also a Premium Theme option (which I used) that really allows you to use your creativity.

The Premium Theme includes patterned full-bleed page backgrounds and color text on all pages. You can see the options in the "change theme" window when designing your cookbook.

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I created my own cover (front and back) and spine for my family cookbook. Again, I really wanted to personalize it by using family photos and I wanted my family to know exactly which cookbook is the one with the family recipes.

Can you add collaborators?

Yes, you absolutely can!

I didn't add anyone but you can easily allow others in your family (or friends!) access to your account so that recipes, stories, and photos can be added making it a true collaboration.


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The publishing process is so easy, and you can preview your cookbook before hitting the publish button just to make sure everything is just right.


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There are several options when choosing the type of cookbook you want to publish and even the paper used. You can see my selections above.

I also added the e-cookbook version so I had something readily available all the time, even on my smartphone.

Gift Giving

A cookbook created using Create My Cookbook is a wonderful way to preserve family memories.

You can order a copy for yourself and for everyone on your gift list - get more info and start creating your own heirloom by clicking here: Create My Cookbook

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How to Make Your Own Family Cookbook - The How-To Home (16)

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How to Make Your Own Family Cookbook - The How-To Home (2024)


How to make a homemade family recipe book? ›

How to make a recipe book with your family.
  1. Brainstorm family recipes. Think of some of your favorite recipes that you loved growing up. ...
  2. Collect the recipes from relatives. ...
  3. Curate the collection and write them up. ...
  4. Design or find a consistent format. ...
  5. Cook (and take pictures).

How to write your own cookbook? ›

How To Write A Cookbook Step By Step
  1. Choose Your Concept. As mentioned above, owning your concept is a vital stage of the process. ...
  2. Plan Your Structure. There are lots of ways to organise cookbooks. ...
  3. Create A Proposal. ...
  4. Write Your Recipes. ...
  5. Test Your Recipes. ...
  6. Edit The Text. ...
  7. Finalise The Design. ...
  8. Proofread And Index.

How do you organize a family recipe book? ›

You should organize cookbooks in a way that makes sense to you. But experts recommend grouping cookbooks by cuisine (such as Indian, Italian, or Mexican), with separate sections for books on specific topics, such as grilling, seafood, or poultry.

How many recipes in a homemade cookbook? ›

Keep in mind that the average size of a cookbook is about 75 to 200 pages. On average, a typical cookbook will have around 150 recipes, but that varies as well, from small cookbooks with just 15 recipes to more than 300.

What makes a good recipe book? ›

Here are some tricks to make sure your cookbook becomes a cherished, time-tested kitchen companion for your readers.
  1. Identify your audience. ...
  2. Create an outline. ...
  3. Title your recipes thoughtfully. ...
  4. Use consistent names and measurements. ...
  5. Follow the common recipe structure. ...
  6. Test your recipes, and then retest.
May 19, 2020

Why create a family cookbook? ›

Those recipes that receive family approval get adapted to fit into our busy lives and dietary requirements and eventually evolve into something altogether different. A family cookbook allows you to record those changes and makes an amazing keepsake for both family and friends.

How to make a cookbook for free? ›

On myfoodbook, you can create your own free online cookbooks. You can save any recipe on myfoodbook in your cookbooks, and you can also upload your own. Customise your ebooks with your own covers, dedication and recipes today - all for free.

How many words should a cookbook be? ›

Please keep in mind each publisher has different contract terms. This is a single subject book with lots of history, narrative, and full color throughout. The cookbook would be approximately 50,000 to 150,000 words with 40 photos.

How to make a recipe your own? ›

Tips for recipe writing
  1. Write ingredients in the order in which they'll be used! ...
  2. Write the directions in an order that makes sense. ...
  3. If your recipe has multiple "recipes" within it, separate the ingredients and step for each. ...
  4. Offer additional methods or substitutions. ...
  5. Share when to know a recipe is ready.
May 4, 2022

What order should a recipe book go in? ›

Organize your recipes by course

Appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, desserts. If your recipes span these familiar categories, grouping them by their place in a full meal could be the right approach. It might sound straightforward, but it's an organizational cookbook tradition that works.

What is the best format for recipe book? ›

The best way to format a cookbook is to dedicate two pages for each recipe. On the left page is usually the title, image and short description, and on the right page is a step-by-step instructions of the recipe.

What should be included in a recipe book? ›

8 Tips For Writing a Cookbook
  1. Table of Contents: How Will You Break Up Your Recipe Groups? Meal types, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. ...
  2. Cook Your Recipes. ...
  3. Check You Haven't Missed an Ingredient. ...
  4. Put the Ingredients in Order. ...
  5. Choose a Language. ...
  6. Standardise Your Measurements. ...
  7. Pick Great Photos. ...
  8. Add Extras.
Jun 5, 2018

How do I make a family cookbook? ›

Here's how to do it:
  1. Make a list of “family.” The most important step is to remember that “family” is yours to define. ...
  2. Decide your format. ...
  3. Consider images. ...
  4. Pick an organizing principle — or not. ...
  5. Start gathering. ...
  6. Decide how much recipe consistency you want. ...
  7. Start putting it together. ...
  8. Share the cookbook.
Oct 8, 2020

What to put at the end of a cookbook? ›

There are several pieces of the book that go after the main body of the cookbook, these are called "back matter". They include content like an index, glossary, appendixes, bibliography, or resources. All of this content is optional, though an index and resources section are very common in cookbooks.

How to create a shared recipe book? ›

How This Works
  1. Start your recipe collection page. Create a collection page with our off-the-shelf recipe questionnaire, or customize your own questionnaire by adding questions to make it more fun.
  2. Invite everyone to contribute. ...
  3. Review and edit your recipe book. ...
  4. Share the recipes.

Is there an app for storing family recipes? ›

Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all-in-one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner available across all of your devices. Enter your recipes with as much or as little information as you like. Copy and paste recipes from your existing documents or apps. Categorize your recipes by course and category.

Can you make a cookbook with other people's recipes? ›

Instead, an author wishing to use another person's cookbook recipes in their cookbook has four options: securing written permission from the original author, adapting the recipe, creating a similar recipe using the recipe as inspiration, and completely reworking the dish into a new recipe.

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