The Staffordshire Band - 2016

Guide to Concert Promoters

The Staffordshire Band always aim to perform to the very highest standards at all of their engagements, large or small.

These guidance notes will help you, to help us, achieve our aims.

The Band transports its larger items of equipment and percussion in its own van/coach, which will need to have parking arranged as close to the access point to the stage/hall as possible.

The widest instruments used by the Band are timpani, of which the largest is 38" wide, therefore the doors into the venue will need to be at least 39" wide to allow access.

The setting up of the Band requires a minimum time of 30 minutes and in order for the Band to be completely ready before the audience arrive, we recommend that the venue be open to the Band at least 1 hour before the concert begins. Should there be a requirement for a rehearsal/sound check before the concert, then the venue should be opened at least 90 minutes before the concert start time - any such requirements should be discussed and agreed with the Secretary before the event.

The normal complement of the Band is 25 brass players with 3/4 percussionists and sufficient seats should be provided for the 29 players.

Evening concerts during the week start at 8.00pm and on weekends, at 7.30pm - any deviation from this standard should be discussed and agreed with the Secretary prior to the event.

The Band will perform for a maximum of 40/45 minutes in each half.

A dressing room for the exclusive use of the Band should be provided within the same building and as close to the stage as possible. This room should be large enough for all the players and Musical Director.

Such a large ensemble requires a minimum amount of clear floor space. Click here for a diagram showing the normal layout of the Band and the minimum size required.

The seats at the front of the Band should be positioned at least 6' from the front edge of the stage.

The audience front row seats should be at least 12' from the stage, so as to allow for the sound of the Band during louder passages.

If stage lighting is to be used to illuminate the Band, then it should be sufficient to allow players to read the music with comfort. Ideally, the lighting should be from directly above and care should be taken with any lights which shine directly onto the stage from the front, so as to avoid dazzling the players facing the audience.

Amplification is not required for the Band, however a single, centre-stage microphone should be provided for the use of the compere. A compere may be provided by the Band with prior agreement from the Secretary.

An interval of 15 minutes is normally taken halfway through the concert and refreshments (tea/coffee/squash) should be provided for the Band, either in the dressing room or another appropriate room.

The Band will provide a display stand to publicise future concerts and to act as a point of sale for the Band's merchandise, particularly recordings, and a space of at least 6' by 3', together with an appropriate table, should also be provided.

At the completion of the concert, all equipment used by the Band during their performance will be completely dismantled and removed. This task normally takes 30 minutes.

When a concert venue is outdoors, the Band should be positioned on concrete or staging, ideally against at least a 12' wall, and not on grass. In the event of inclement weather, the Band will only perform if an alternative covered venue is provided - this venue should be agreed with the Secretary in advance. If an alternative venue is not available, then the Band reserves the right to curtail its performance, either temporarily or permanently, due to poor weather conditions.

The Band will provide posters, tickets and programmes for any event providing sufficient notice has been given to the Secretary.

Should you wish to dicuss the proposed programme content, then please contact the Secretary who will arrange the Musical Director to contact you.

Any variations to these guidelines should be discussed and agreed in advance with the Secretary.

The Band reserves the right to postpone, curtail or terminate its concert due to circumstances beyond its control, which may detrimentally affect its performance.

Should a confirmed Concert be cancelled by the organisers, then a cancellation charge of 50% of the agreed fee will be payable.

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