What can the Band do for you?

Name Awareness Locally, Nationally and Internationally

- the top bands such as TSB attract considerable attention not only because of the contests they attend such as the Boosey & Hawkes National Championships of Great Britain at the Royal Albert Hall in October, the British Open at Symphony Hall in September, the All England Masters at Cambridge and the European Brass Band Championships, but also the wide variety of concerts - for the International Round Table, the Rotary Club, the National Trust, Brass Explosion, Pershore Midsummer Festival, Cosford Air Show, numerous charities, etc, all in some of the world’s finest venues such as Symphony Hall Birmingham, Bridgewater Hall Manchester, the Priory Leominster, Lichfield Cathedral, Walsall Town Hall, Wolverhampton Civic Hall, the Prince of Wales Theatre Cannock, etc.

Thousands of people attend the concerts of TSB every year

- practically every concert that the TSB perform at is sold out - the better and bigger the hall, the bigger audience to enjoy the experience and to publicise the sponsor.



Television, Radio, Newspaper, Internet and other Media Coverage

- with the success of films such as ‘Brassed Off’ and the ‘Full Monty’, brass bands are now enjoying increasing popularity and media interest, both locally and nationally. TSB has already been featured on ‘Midlands Today’, Radio’s WM, Stoke, Shropshire, Wales, South West and CWR, as well as cable stations such as Telewest and many, many newspapers up and down the country. There is also an increasingly thriving Internet culture being formed. Additionally sales of CDs build on the reputation of TSB, each of which promote the Band but also the sponsor.

World-wide Awareness

- there are many countries throughout the world which have a thriving brass band movement such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, etc, and many overseas tours have been made to promote sponsors within these countries and outside. TSB have also made a number of overseas tours including two to Germany on the 1990’s and have their own Web page in early 2000.


Moveable Source of Professional Music Making

- top bands like TSB can be available to promote their sponsor at a variety of functions and venues in the UK and overseas from international conventions, to product launches, celebrity concerts to fanfare introductions. The Band can be available for full concerts or smaller group work - all moveable and all professional.


Links to a Charitable Institution

- TSB is a registered charity and therefore has tax advantages for sponsors, as well as being involved with other charities for mutual benefit. Local community groups and schools also enjoy the support of TSB and gain from the many ‘Charity Brass’ concerts given by them over the years.



Good Music!

- brass bands, especially TSB are renown for their concerts and are a forward-thinking, energetic group of very talented musicians all dedicated to the finest music making and the best for it’s sponsor.
What can you do for the Band?

Reputable Name

The Band has enjoyed many successful partnerships with it’s sponsors since the early 1980’s:-

Walsall Servis Band 1982 -1984

Walsall Highgate Band 1984 - 1987

C.I.Group Band 1988 - 1992

Staffordshire Building Society Band 1993 - 1998

and it is very important that this trend continues through the Millennium.

Most other top bands attract major sponsors which include:-

Bradford & Bingley Building Society - Black Dyke

Co-Operative Society - Scottish Co-Op Band

Richardsons plc - Fodens (Richardsons) Band

FP (Music) - Fairey FP (Music) Band

Birtish Steel - British Steel (Teeside) Band

The Band is very conscious of it’s role and stature within the brass band movement and the local community and it’s association with the right company is very, very important.


- the Band’s experience over the past 18 years has proved that it takes over a year to properly make the transition from one sponsor to another, even with the right publicity, and it is with this in mind, together with the need for the Band to forge a long-term partnership with it’s new sponsor, that at least a three, or preferably five year association is formed.

Correct Level of Funding

- TSB has long term plans for the upgrade or moving of it’s Bandroom, continued replacement of instruments and other capital expenditure, as well as short term plans for recordings and overseas tours. Although TSB has a Lottery Grant bid in for many of these ventures, all the others need budgeting for.

- Additionally first year one off costs include new concert and walking-out uniforms, new stand banners, etc.

- A new and exciting ‘Brass4Staffs’concert season has been planned with special guest soloists, conductors, music, etc, coupled with a new and innovative schools interactive season called ‘ClassBrass’.

- All these and others need support for them to be successful.

Different Areas of Sponsorship

Whilst the Band are looking for a main sponsor, as outlined above, there are other areas where potential sponsors may wish to be involved:-

- Concert Sponsorship, where corporate hospitality can be arranged, together with programme, ticket and presentation advertising at concert venues of your choice,

- Music Folder Sponsorship, which involves replacing the existing folders with newones, which should last for over seven years, with your corporate sponsorship on the cover,

- Music Composition Sponsorship, which would involve commissioning an arrangement or composition by any of the Band's Arrangers or Composers-in-Residence, the resultant piece being bannered with your sponsorship and performed,

- Recording Sponsorship, where the cost of producing a number of CDs and cassettes would be sponsored, with the result showing sponsorship advertising, naming of the recording and/or part-selection of programme pieces,

- Bandroom Sponsorship, where help, either materially or financial would be used to obtain, build or furbish the proposed new Bandroom, in exchange for acknowlegement in name or display for the building which is likely to stand for over 25 years as a Centre for Brass Excellence in the Midlands,

- Transport Sponsorship, where a van purchase or coach transport is sponsored, and advertising acknowledgements given,

- Overseas Tour Sponsorship, where a tour overseas is sponsored, with special events/concerts being given at sponsors facilities, etc,

- Other Sponsorship Arrangements, as necessary and practical.

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