This recording is a first!

Aided by their guests, the Choir from the Park Hall Junior School directed by Steve Cash and with funds provided by an 'Awards for All Golden Jubilee' lottery grant, the Band offer up a live recording of a concert held in Walsall Town Hall in October 2002, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee.

Re-live that special night in your own home and join us for the festivities....................

About the Programme...

Kenneth Alford wrote what has become perhaps the most famous of all marches, 'Colonel Bogey' - written in honour of the eponymous hero, an arratic gentleman golfer who whistled the decending minor third every time his drive went askew. This march was also of course used for the film 'Bridge on the River Kwai', starring Alec Guiness.The Principal Cornet of the Band is Paul White and his offering is the enchanting vison of the eternally peaceful English scene, 'The Watermill'.The Choir have a segment next, featuring the songs:-'One Song' - exploring two and three part singing,'Eternal Flame' - made famous by the group, The Bangles,'The Handsome Butcher' - a classic song in the traditional style, and finally,'Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In' - the famous American hit.The Band continues with 'Dance Fever' by Kenneth Downie - a stunning and witty treatment of the country dance, 'The Dashing White Sergeant', which is followed by an arrangement by Wesley Kendrick, the Band's Arranger-in-Residence, of 'Abide with Me'. This stunning hymn, conducted by Wesley on the night as well, is in three verses - the first being very sombre, the second akin to a funeral march and the third, an uplifting triumphant finale.The centenary of the birth of William Walton was in 2002 and the title track of the recording follows - 'Crown Imperial' was written as a Coronation March in 1937 and is here given the full treatment, accompanied by David Morgan on the Borough's Organ.A feature of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II has been the range, diversity and quality of music around, none more so than that written by Lennon and McCartney. Alan Fernie has arranged an imaginary train journey in his fantastic 'Ticket to Ride'.The Choir continues with:-'More Than In Love' - requiring very serene singing,'As Long As I Have Music' - a true anthem for any music lover,'I Got Rhythm' - by George Gershwin, and finally,

'Body Electric' - from the musical, 'Fame'.

Into the traditional 'Last Night' finale by the Band with Sir Henry Wood's, 'Fantasia on British Sea Songs', Blake/Parry's 'Jerusalem' and, of course, Edward Elgar's 'Pomp & Circumstance March Number 1'.

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Well the CD can be yours for an amazingly low price of just £11.50 including p&p.

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