Death of Band Stalwart Announced!

The Staffordshire Band are saddened to hear of the recent death of band stalwart, Dave LeMaistre.

Dave was already involved with the Band when the writer joined in 1976 - a stalwart on the baritone and 'behind the scenes' as well - he was always one of the people who made sure that things were done right and correctly - it's fair to say that much of the history of the Band since lies with the foundations that Dave, along with others, forged.

His two sons Barrie and Brian were also fine players with the Band, although sadly their playing careers ended some time ago.

Chairman Shaun Elliott said, 'I have very fond memories of Dave and indeed his 2 sons, Barrie and Brian, who were one of the first people I got to know when I joined the (then) Walsall Metropolitan Band in 1976 - they were all fine players in their own way, but I especially remember Dave always making sure that when anything was going to be done, it was to be done in the right way. He was a true gentlemen and the success of the Band since Dave was a Member, is down to the ideals he and others laid down many years ago - something The Staffiordshire Band adheres to today.

I'm sure he would have been proud of what we have achieved since he retired from playing.'

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